Getting Started

The D-BAT Hub is a software dedicated to providing solutions for D-BAT Facilities. Use these guides to help you get started with the basics.

Feature & Bug Updates

The latest updates to the Hub.

Account Setup

Customize your account settings.


Create events, make registration easy, and utilize your data.


Manage your day, make quick changes and understand your business at a glance.


Managed profiles, Client Profile Pages and Contact Groups allows you to know each client that interacts your business.


Use reports, analytics and dashboards to measure your growth.


Set up your memberships, create value and monitor your growth.


Streamline your facility scheduling, eliminate double-booking, and turn your facility's spaces into profit centers.


Grow retail sales and simplify inventory tracking.


Customize your business settings to fit your needs.

Point of Sale (POS)

Get clients registered, collect payment, and streamline business operations.

Batting Cage Credits

Learn how to manage batting cage credits inside the Hub for your machine cages.


Customizable billing, manage payments more efficiently and receive deep insights for better decision-making.


Supplement the software with additional hardware.

Client Side

Guides to help your clients navigate their side of the software.

AI Intelligence

A first-of-its-kind data solution.

Athlete Progression Tracking

Build out your workouts and training programs and assign your athletes so that you are able to visualize their progress over time.